The energy-boosting benefits of exercise

As we all know, there are many benefits of exercise for your health and wellbeing. But did you know that it goes so much further than just improving your fitness and mobility?

Regular exercise boosts many areas of wellness including:

  • An increase in endorphin levels: Endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’ as we like to call them, give you a burst of energy and make you feel great. But your body doesn't just produce them at random. The best way to get that endorphin hit is through 20 minutes of exercise! 
  • Better heart health: It's no secret that exercise improves your heart health. Just like the muscles in your legs and booty, your heart needs to be worked out too. Increasing your heart rate for 20+ minutes a day is enough to improve your heart health, and a healthy heart leads to better endurance! That means you have more energy to go for that hike, cycle, or simply get up the stairs without losing your breath! A healthy heart makes life easier and doesn’t expend excess energy.
  • Improved sleep: It's simple, the more you exercise, the better you sleep. The better you sleep, the more energy you have to tackle the day ahead!

All of these benefits combined lead to greater drive, better concentration, feeling happier and feeling less fatigued - all great things! So to recap: good sleep gives you more energy, better heart health allows you to use that energy, and by using that energy, you get those endorphins flowing. And to think, all those benefits from a simple workout? Wild!

How to stay consistent with regular exercise

Our top tip is that you should combine your workout with another activity. Why? Because making exercise part of your normal routine is crucial for habit formation.

For example, we don’t think twice about brushing our teeth in the morning. So why not combine your workouts with another daily habit that’s part of your existing routine? This can be ANYTHING, from watching the news or your daily soap to waiting for dinner to come out of the oven. Find a 15-20 minute task in your day and try to combine the two. (Squats whilst brushing teeth, anyone?)

We hope this helps! Get in touch with us if any of these methods work for you!

Just 15 mins per day is all you need...

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