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Resistance Bands Complete Bundle

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Resistance Bands Complete Bundle

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What do you receive when you purchase this bundle?

šŸ’–THREEĀ Booty Fabric Bands (Easy, Medium, Hard)

šŸ’–4 Weeks Booty Workout Guide (PDF) - our online strength and toning program for women suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

šŸ’–Our workouts are extremely effective and will increase your strength and tone your body in as little as 15 minutes per day. Only resistance bands required.

šŸ’–FREE & FAST Shipping on all EU & US orders

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LIFT, SHAPE, SCULPT & TONE YOUR BOOTY & LEGS:Ā Our Go and Achieve bands will help you get your perfect booty and legs fast. Easy to use and see results with just 10 minutes a day.

  • DURABLE:Ā Strong fabric is woven with unique stretch fibers to give a wide range of motion. These bands will never snap.
  • COMFORTABLE:Ā Fabric is strong yet soft against the skin. They will not dig in, pinch or pull hairs.
  • NO- ROLLING:Ā The thick width and the inner latex grip we have sewn into the bands means they will not roll during ANY exercise.


  • HOME WORKOUTS:Ā Our bands let you see amazing results without needing other equipment or a gym membership! We provide you with fun and challenging workouts every day in our Facebook group!!
  • ACTIVATE GLUTES: Up to 400% more glute activation
  • TONE & SHAPE: Improve your squats, correct your posture, and see better toning of your muscles
  • PREVENT INJURY: Strengthens your biggest muscles & teaches you the correct form ensuring you are protected against injury and you are building a strong strength foundation.
  • FAT BURNING:Ā Our Fabric Resistance Bands train your biggest muscle groups


  • THREE FABRIC BOOTY RESISTANCE BANDS: Challenge yourself with heavy, medium and light resistance. Our bands also have the benefit of being all the same size ā€“ and the resistance comes from different elasticity within the fabric. This means the bands provide resistance in the full range of motion.
  • FULL TRAINING RESOURCES: Complete expert-approved training guide and videos included.
  • CARRY CASE:Ā Portable carry case to keep the bands together in your gym bag
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:Ā We have a no questions asked money-back guarantee on all orders
  • 12 MONTH BAND WARRANTY:Ā We will replace your bands for FREE if they have any wear and tear issues
  • FAST SHIPPING!Ā If you are from USA, Canada, UK, EU and Australia then shipping is just 2-5 business days from our local warehouse in your country.

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How are they different from rubber resistance bands?

Our Fabric Booty Bands are made fromĀ incredibly durable elastic fabricĀ meaning they willĀ never break, or roll up. These are the last resistance bands you'll ever need to buy! They areĀ much stronger than normal resistance bandsĀ so theyĀ activate your glute muscles 400% more than rubber resistance bandsĀ to give you faster and better results. You will be able to build much more muscle with our bands which means you'll have aĀ more lifted, sculpted and perky booty.

What strength level is each band?

Our bands are all theĀ same sizeĀ but they come inĀ three strength levels.The strength levels have been tested with many women of all different strengths, shapes, and sizes.

  • Hard- Black Band:Ā This band is HARD and it provides awesome resistance even for our athlete customers. This band is perfect for use in deadlifts or movements with a narrow stance. Most of our customers use this for a selection of exercises they wish to REALLY challenge the glutes.
  • Ā Medium- Pink Band:Ā Amongst our customers, this is the most used band, it can be used for every fitness level and provides a strong challenge. You will feel the burn after just 2-3 reps.
  • Ā Light- Gray Band:Ā This is a great starting resistance level and is also the band we recommend every customer uses in their warm-ups. This band is ideal for lunges and all wide stance movements like sumo squats. This band can also be used for arm resistance exercises.

Will your fabric bands ever brake?Ā 

Absolutely not.Ā Our bands areĀ incredibly strong. We use the best fabrics, elastics, and stitching techniques to ensure these bands willĀ never breakĀ no matter how strong you are. We also offer aĀ 12-month warrantyĀ to back up our band durability.

What does the fabric feel like?

The fabric feelsĀ durable yet soft to touch. It isĀ incredibly comfortableĀ against your skin andĀ does not pinch, cut into your skin, or pull on any hairs. We have sewn-in special elastic fibers within the bands to give them their unique stretch. Our customers LOVE how our bands can be worn comfortably against bare skin.


UK & EU 2 – 5 Days

12 Month Warranty

On our fabric resistance bands

Money Back Guarantee

On all orders